6.Sri Lanka Ayurveda Meditation

Meditation (Bhavana)

All meditation techniques begin with stillness. Go to a quiet place. Close your eyes, begin by relaxing your body and your mind. Take a deep breath, and exhale, each time you exhale feel your body relax into a weightless state. Focus your mind on kindness towards others. This is the simplest form of meditation that can help you cure your mind and body. In Meditation the focus of attention is often the meditator's own breathing

Advanced Meditation
There's more to meditation than just closing ones eyes and an understanding of this technique demands an understanding of our mental realm. The subtle state of mind, which is the ultimate stage of meditation, requires a tremendous amount of energy to reach. An absolute harmony between our gross physical realm, sensual realm and our life energy is the prerequisite of a meditative state of mind.

Meditation, especially passive meditation, brings us face to face with our subconscious. Not unlike opening up a Pandora's box full of mischief, if we are not ready to encounter our inner selves, it could end up being a disastrous experience instead of an enlightening one! And the most vulnerable seem to be-people with overwhelming anxiety, who are emotionally or psychologically disturbed, those who have problems accepting reality, people who suffer from acute paranoia and even those who develop delusions of grandeur from the altered states of consciousness that meditation tends to produce.

Ways of harnessing the ever-changing, ever-shifting mind are as varied as the different techniques of meditation. But by and large, they all practice mental exercises, which aim at capturing the very nature of our minds. The meditator need to be mindful of: the body, feelings, the mind and mental objects with concentration.

Meditation has not only been used as an important therapy for psychological and nervous disorders, from simple insomnia to severe emotional disturbances, but lately physicians have also prescribed it for curing various physical ailments as well. It is useful in chronic and debilitating diseases like allergies or arthritis, in which stress or hypersensitivity of the nervous system are involved. Regular meditation practices have also been known to help in dealing with pain and a number of painful diseases, whether chronic or acute.

The act of meditation comes in useful because it helps the mind to detach itself from all material and physical attachments�and that is the ultimate cure for all diseases or at least the way to transcend them when we cannot avoid them.

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