13.Meditation & Yoga

According to Ayurveda, the practice of yoga, which is a spiritual science of life, is a very important, natural, preventative measures to ensure good health. Ayurveda and yoga are sister sciences. In India, it is traditional to study Ayurveda before taking up the practice of yoga, because Ayurveda is the science of the body and only when the body has become fit, is the individual considered ready to study the spiritual science of yoga.

The yogic practices described by the father of yoga, Patanjali, which has been in existence in India for the last 2000 years, are very useful in maintaining good health, happiness and longevity. Pantajali described the eight limbs of yoga and yogic practices.

These are
Yama Social Discipline
Niyama Individual Discipline
Asana Postures
Pranayama Breath Control
regulation of breath
Pratyahara Mental Discipline
withdrawal of senses
Dharana Concentration
Dhyane Meditation
fixed attention
Samadhi Self Realisation
absolute concentration

Yoga brings man to the natural state of tranquillity, which is equilibrium. Thus, yogic exercises have both preventative and curative value. Yogic practices help to bring natural order and balance to the neurohormones and the metabolism and improve the endocrine metabolism and thus provide fortification against stress. Yogic practices for the treatment of stress and stress-related disorders (such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma and obesity) are remarkably effective.

Yoga is the science of union with the Ultimate Being. Ayurveda is the science of living, of daily life. When yogis perform certain postures and allow certain disciplines, they open up and move energies that have accumulated and stagnated in the energy centers. When stagnant, these, energies create various ailments.

Benefits of yoga
Good health
Peace of mind
Physical Beauty -Fitness
Sharpness of thoughts
Mental stability
Improvement in self confidence
Dedication to work or spiritual path

Improvement of one's talents such as
music dancing, or social service

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