19.Herbal Products

Herbal Tooth Powder

Herbal tooth paste is methodically manufactured with 24 natural Herbal Medicines and mixed with pure dental care with an ancient Ayurvedic formula. Reduces the formation of tarter in the teeth and sticky substance in gums destroys Germs and Bacteria, helps against pyorrhea and gingivitis, and keeps the mouth fresh throughout the day. This is unique in Herbal Tooth Paste
Dentists have discovered that regular use of tooth pastes with fluoride and drinking water which contains more fluoride could lead to Dental Flores’s, a disease which leads to formation of patches and severe brown discoloration of the entire crown with a roughened surface

Citronella Oil

Mix 05 drops with a ½ liter of water and spray in the toilet, lavatory, office etc., as a disinfectant against germs, bacteria, insects, ants etc., and keeps fresh fragrance in the surroundings.
Put 03 drops into an oil lamp or an evaporator in order to keep mosquitoes away

Citronella Milk (Cream) Protective Insect repellent

An effective natural formula, free from synthetic repellent agents, completely skins friendly herbal substances. Citronella Milk is highly resistant against mosquitoes, bugs and other small flies
Directions :Shake well the con container and apply a sufficient amount on exposed areas of the body, and continue at every 03 – 04 hours ( only in the tropical countries.)

Cinnamon Oil

Pure cinnamon oil derived from cinnamon leaves is highly effective against shivering cold, toothache, earache, bad – breath (halitosis) etc...

Against freezing – Apply a little quantity of cinnamon oil under nails on hands and on feet, foot soles, temples, and back of the ears.

Against tooth pain – Put a drop into a piece of cotton and place on the tooth. when saliva accumulates spit it out. continue the process 05 times and also against pain in the gums and dental infections. When children are teething apply ½ - 01 drop on their gums

Against ear pain – A little quantity of cinnamon oil mix with a small piece of cotton wool and put into the canal of the ear and let it work until you feel better.

Against bad – breath - ½ - 01 drop of cinnamon oil mix with a small glass of water and gargle

King Coconut Based Herbal Hair Oil

King Coconut based herbal hair oil is made out of pure ingredients derived from herbs. It ensures health of the hair and promotes the growth of hair, prevents the loss of hair & split ends, improves the beauty by remedying those conditions that make hair thin and lifeless. King coconut hair oil nourishes hair and keeps the natural colour bright.

Take 01-02 teaspoons and apply on the scalp then massage gently, pummel and pinch systematically about 05 minutes and cover with a towel, let it work overnight and in the morning wash it out with a mild shampoo continue with the process twice a week for a period of 02 months.

Sun-Tan Lotion (Coconut oil based)

King Coconut Oil Based Sun – Tan Lotion is prepared with cleansed ingredients derived from indigenous herbs. Prevents prickly heat, sun allergy, blistering and promotes dark brown skin. ( In the case of thickening of oil, heat the bottle by keeping near the fire or near an oil lamp & dissolve well ).

Shake the bottle well and apply the quantity required on your wish, before embarking on sun bathing and in case your skin is too much sensitive for the sun first king coconut sun-tan and your sun cream there on, secondly

Natural herbal flower based therapeutic oils

Natural herbal flowers based perfumes are fragranced only with naturally extracted fragrance oils & fragrance compounds. We promote the fragrance of nature

Jasmine Oil - Luxury Oil - Osaka Oil - Rose Oil

03 – 04 drops with a piece of cotton wool to keep in toilets, bed rooms, vehicles, offices etc., and as a body perfume or deodorant.

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