2.Ayurveda Herbals

Many Ayurvedha Herbal Medicines are made out of seeds, leaves, flowers, roots, bark, gum's found in the nature. Most of the herbals used in Ayurvedha are made from plants grown in home gardens, sides of rivers, in water, mud, forests, jungles and in the hills.

Some plants are commonly found and some are rare. Some are hard to find unless for a well learned Ayurvedha practitioner.

Some Plants commonly used in Ayurvedha Healing

:: Diyamittha - Stephania Hernadifolia
:: Rasakinda - Tinospora Cordifolia
:: Kalanduru - Cyprus Herbacea
:: Bin Kohomba - Ophelia Chirata * (RARE)
:: Inguru - Zingiber Officinalis
:: Weniwel - Coscinium Fenestratum
:: Nelum - Nelumbiam Speciosum
:: Abin - Papaver Soniferum
:: Kansa (Ganja) - Cannabies
:: Gammiris - Black Peper
:: Lunuwarana - Cratoeva Religioss
:: Bevila - Sida Humilis
:: Beli - Aegle Marmelos
:: Karapincha - Murraya Koenigil
:: Kohomba - Azadirachta Indica
:: Ath Thora - Cassia Sophera
:: Pila - Toprosia Purpurea

Thousands of many other plants are used by Ayurvedha practitioners who are learning the Art of Herbal medicine come from the Family Tradition.
Some treatments are only known to them as they are safe guarded as family secrets.

The greatest advantage of ayurvedha is the medicines are side effects free.

Weniwel Ath Thora And Bin Kohomba

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