20.Herbal Beauty Products

Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood Oil is a natural cosmetics and a beauty – care which has been used by Asian community from time immemorial. Sandalwood oil replenishes skin health restoring natural moisture balance, leaves skin smooth & moisturized

Direction: Before beds first wash your face with warm water and dry well with a towel then apply ½ - 01 drop on the face and massage avoiding eyes and lips. Helps against dry skin, wrinkle, senile spots, freckle, blackhead ,seborrhea, (break out of acne).

Helps against cellulite, clogged pores, hard skin (callus), skin eruptions, scaly conditions, carotenes. etc., Apply 01 -02 drops and massage gently in the evening on the affected area in the morning wash it off with warm water and soap.

Put 01 – 02 drops in to the bathtub, (when the water is warm). Mix 01 – 02 drops of oil with 10 ml of 100% pure alcohol and dissolve in the water).

Put 01 – 02 drops into sauna, oil lamps and evaporators.

Sandalwood Beauty Cream

Sandalwood Beauty Cream is an indigenous Ayurvedic product made out of herbs 100% natural origin. A light refreshing soothing formula that tones the skin without excessive dryness, helps replenish natural skin oils, improves overall skin health leaves skin smooth & petal soft.

Directions: As a day cream; before leaving for work first wash the face and dry well with a towel then apply and massage with a sufficient quantity of cream on the face and the neck. As a remedy for skin diseases for external use: first clean the affected places with warm water and apply the cream mornings and evenings against eczema, rashes, dermatitis, neuron dermatitis. multiple sclerosis (MS), sun allergy, prickly heat and after shaving

Aloe-Vera (Jelly Form)

Refreshing non-oily nights cream that removes deep embedded dirt & surface oil, refreshes skin, sooths inflammations & controls skin irritations. Restores dry / chapped skin, leaves skin smooth & fresh. A powerful 100% oil – free moisturizing formula. Soothes & relieves sunburn and damaged skin. Nourishes & restores natural moisture balance, improving skin health. Leaves skin cool & refreshed.

Directions: Apply enough amount of Aloe-Vera on the affected areas mornings and evenings especially for sunburns, burns and blisters. As a night cream, before bed first wash the face with warm water well then apply the jelly and massage softly on the face and other required places.

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